Chapters and Crews

Our Sisters are World Wide! If there’s not a chapter near you, isn’t it time there was?

High Cotton Chapter

Central Alabama

The High Cotton Chapter is located in central Alabama, enjoying the many scenic roads. Please go to their website for more information!

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Carolina Crew

North and South Carolina

Our crew formed in March 2020. We love our sisters, our nation, and our way of life.

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Upstate Crew

New York, Massachusetts

Our crew encompasses the upper northeastern states, NY and MA. We live for the open road!

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SouthEast Krue

Florida - Georgia

Sisters from the South East Krue enjoy riding our motorcycles together, working at our Clubhouse, supporting the Leather & Lace MC Nation.

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Midway Crue

Virginia - Maryland

The Midway Crue of Leather & Lace MC was formed in March 2018. Our crue encompasses Virginia and Maryland.

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Midwest Krue


The Midwest Krue of Leather & Lace MC evolved to combine efforts between the Illinois and Indiana sisters of Leather & Lace MC. We exist to support LLMC's mission by working hard, and having fun.

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Wild West Krue

Southern, Central and Northern California

We love to get together! From the scenic beaches to the mountains, we'll ride! We work hard but we play hard too!

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