Lace Kidz

We are firm believers that the children in our lives are the future. What they learn and the values they follow today will make them strong, independent individuals tomorrow. Our Lace Kidz consists of our daughters, granddaughters, nieces, sons, grandsons ,nephews or child that is sponsored by a Lace Sister.

Lace Kidz are divided into four groups

Future Lace

Future Lace: Girls 3 up to age 12

Future Lace

Future Lace can purchase a top rocker and start their own, unique Lace vest.

Teen Lace

Teen Lace: Girls aged 13 thru 18

Teen Lace

Our Teen Lace can earn a Teen Lace top rocker.

Little Brothers

Little Brothers

Little Brothers

All boys up to age 19

Big Sister/Mentor

Big Sister/Mentor

Big Sister/Mentor

Girls 19 thru 21

What are they doing now?

Lace Kidz are learning the heartfelt meaning of Random Acts of Kindness. Each month they will be given new challenges to show others there is still kindness in the world. Through these tasks, our kids will be adding positive messages to each of the individuals they encounter within their communities. That intern will spread positive vibrations throughout the world.
Our October RAK were:

  • Collect your old costumes you don’t wear anymore & donate them to a child in your neighborhood or to a non-profit that may need them.
  • Leave money in a vending machine for someone. That coke you just bought them may be just what they needed.
  • Clean your room without being asked. Talk about an act of kindness!
  • What can you do? This last one is your choice. What random act will you do?

Here are some of our Kidz making us so proud!

Tavin wanted to take a picture with a nice man he helped out.

We also had Miss Lenda. She cleaned her room wtihout being asked to!

These flowers were made by a homeless man. He refused to just take a hand out. Tavin was so impressed with him.

Sedona is our worker. She spent her weekend helping one of her aunts move! She did a great job!

We have had two more report cards turned in!

Congratulations to Haylee and Amrei!

We love to recognize our kids for special achievements such as great grades.
Our Kidz are able to earn some cold hard cash with every "A" they get on their report card.

What's in store for a Lace Kid?

Our Kidz love to receive cards from their Lace Sponsors’ friends (Aunts). Receiving cards for a Birthday or Christmas can brighten a Kidz day. We also want to recognize our Kidz for special achievements such as great grades, improved report card, or helping someone in their community.

We have a Leather & Lace MC Facebook that is open to the public. This is a way for everyone to see just how great our Kidz are. A way to show who did what in a contest or how a project went at school. No last names or personal information is ever given out.


Mid-Summers is a yearly event held during the summer for Lace Sisters and their families. A hotel is taken over for a 3-5 day get together. This is a time for our Kidz to meet & learn about each other. This is where friendships and connections are made that can last a lifetime. Today they play together; tomorrow they ride together. Summer, sisters, family and motorcycles always make for a great time.

Learning and growing

Lace Kidz are encouraged to get involved. We want our Kidz to learn how important it is to reach out to others. When our Lace Kidz help out with events, in even a small way, it can be a rewarding experience. Working hard at various Lace events provides our Kidz knowledge and an understanding about the importance of helping others in need. It is imperative to do our best in helping our Kidz be all that they can be. The things they learn now will stay with them forever.