The fact that you are viewing this page tells us you are interested in learning more about how our sisterhood is organized and what we do specifically. We feel that one of the most unique qualities of Leather & Lace MC is the sincere feeling of sisterhood and the sense of family we share within our membership.
Our backgrounds, lifestyles, and careers are as different as each woman. Yet through our open minds and generous hearts, we’ve acquired something that cannot be manufactured, caring friendships that encompass entire families. From as near as next door to across the country, our sisterhood creates a bond that unites us over miles and across boundaries. It is a bond that even the hands of time cannot tarnish. We have put much thought and effort into building, organizing, and refining Leather & Lace MC into a sisterhood our members can be proud to be affiliated with. Lace was founded with the purpose of making a difference while doing what we love… “riding.” Lace as a whole is involved in several charities. Our members sponsor a charity within their own communities. Through our commitments we have helped change the way many people view “Women Bikers.”

National Events

Leather & Lace MC holds one national business meeting per year.

This meeting is held at the end of the first full week of March, at National Headquarters located near Daytona Beach, Florida. All members are strongly encouraged to attend Nationals. Sisters and their families stay close during the week, so they can spend time together riding and getting to know each other. The National Business Meeting is open to members only, but the awards banquet and party held immediately following is open to all. Nationals is a special time—a time to renew old friendships and build new ones. It’s a full week of pure camaraderie. Each year, all Lace members and their families enthusiastically look forward to Nationals as a long awaited “getaway”. As one member said, “Before I came to Nationals I was a member, now I’m a SISTER! The wonderful memories made that week will stay with me for a lifetime.” We feel this statement says it all.

Midsummer Nationals is held during the summer months at a centralized location.

A hotel is taken over by Lace sisters and their families for a 3-5 day get together. Mid-summers is for the whole family. It’s the best time for our children to meet and become friends. Lace is all about family, our children and grandchildren are everything to us. Lace children that have met at Mid-summers have grown up together. They care about each other and their friendships cross the miles, as do ours. This is where friends and connections are made that can last a lifetime. Today they play together; tomorrow they ride together. Summer, sisters, family and motorcycles always make for a great time.

The National Spirit Ride is a required event for all Lace members.

On the third Sunday in September, no matter where they are, whether they are a full member riding alone or a chapter member riding in an organized group, all members start their engines at 10:00 AM and go for a 100-mile ride.
As sisters across the country twist their throttles and their machines rumble to life, each one knows that all her sisters will be riding with them today in spirit. It is an incredible and awesome feeling of sisterhood that resides within Lace. This run is very special and unique to us.

On a National level

Our foundation and strength as a women’s motorcycle club does not lie in the quantity of our members or tangible objects, but in our common bonds, goals and endeavors.
National Motorcycle Safety Awareness – Our members work hard locally to create more motorcycle Safety Awareness around the world. They procure proclamations from mayors and governors to help raise awareness.
Lace sisters all over the country sell pink breast cancer ribbons during October to support Johns Hopkins Breast Cancer. Lace Chapters sponsor charities of their choice, usually children or women oriented, within their communities. Lace individual members are also encouraged to support their communities.

Leather & Lace MC is looking for dedicated, independent women who wish to join a strong sisterhood. Leather & Lace MC is a serious motorcycle club. Plan on doing a lot of riding and even more work while having more fun than allowed by law.
Never doubt that a small group of caring, dedicated women can change the world, for indeed they have!

We don’t want to leave you with the impression that all we do is work… FAR FROM IT!!!

Three Lace sisters in any one place at any time are the ingredients for an instant party. We have shown up at airports to greet arriving sisters wearing full leathers and funny animal slippers. (hard to ride in, maybe a safety issue) At times, a short putt has turned into 70-mile ride just to eat. Lace sisters always seem to be hungry! Chocolate and yellow socks are good to keep on hand. Chocolate to ease life’s pains and yellow socks to keep you warm and let you know a sister is thinking of you. Somehow a sister is always in need of one or the other. Each member that attends Nationals has a secret sister with whom she shares gifts ranging from silly souvenirs to meaningful keepsakes, who is only to be revealed at the next years National meeting. Receiving empty chocolate wrappers in the mail is nothing new in the Lace nation. Sisters want to spare each other the unwanted calories, so they eat the candy and send the wrappers on, just to let their sisters know they’re thinking of them. We’ve also been known to turn around an entire pack of bikes to go shopping or to a yard sale. Some rides serve no other purpose than to just get together and laugh—as it should be.
We would love to have you join us and share our goals, endeavors and especially the good times we have! Leather & Lace MC members, whether Full Members or Chapter members, are entitled to all club rights, privileges and responsibilities. Over the years the children have had their own director and periodic newsletters. Since they grow and change these projects tend to fade and reemerge according to the amount of interest. We listen to their concerns and give them a forum to express themselves. They are involved in our events whenever possible. One day soon they will be riding beside us.

Using Cyber Space to keep in touch!

Most members are online either at home or work and communicate via email on a regular basis.
Each member, upon membership acceptance, chooses a screen-name/email address with LACE in it. (LaceOne, LacePA, LaceNH)
We host a private video chat room on Wednesdays. We have an international chat starting at 12 pm EST, and another chat starting at 8:00 pm EST. Sisters are welcome to join either chat or both! Weekly chats help keep us connected to each other, up to date on the latest happenings in each other’s lives and informed as to what is going on in the Lace Nation.
Lace Tales, our newsletter, is published bimonthly so you can catch up on the upcoming events and what is going on with your sisters! It also contains a Lace Kidz page for your kids! It is published online, and is available for free to members.
Our Lace Kidz have a private chat room where they stay in touch with each other. There are contests and projects for them to earn prizes and awards.

Please check out our Types of Membership within Leather & Lace MC, as well as our RC vs MC Differences, and then click HERE to contact our membership director! Membership is subject to denial.

Get in touch

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