Types of Membership in Leather & Lace MC

Independent Member

  • You must be a female 21 years or older
  • Own and ride a motorcycle
  • Full members are expected to attend the National Business Meeting in March every year
Full members have full membership privileges and run independently for a variety of reasons. They may be the only member in a given city or state or they may have schedules that do not permit them the time required to fulfill chapter membership obligations and responsibilities. They reside outside of an established Chapter’s jurisdiction. They are required to keep in touch with National headquarters on a regular basis and attend at least two national events per year. Each member will be assigned a sponsor. Dues are $150.00 per year payable to the National Treasury. (If you can’t join a chapter, you are considered an independent / Full Member.)

Chapter Member

Chapter members hold full membership in a chapter of Leather & Lace MC. Look up a chapter nearest you for more information. Chapter sets dues. No Lace chapter in your area? Contact us to see what it takes to start one!

Other memberships available

Big Brothers

Big Brothers are the wonderful men in our lives that support and encourage us and our endeavors.

Lace Kidz

lace kids
Our children are also very much a part of what we do, so we have included them in our membership rolls.
Over the years the children have had their own director and periodic newsletters. Since they grow and change these projects tend to fade and reemerge according to the amount of interest. We listen to their concerns and give them a forum to express themselves. They are involved in our events whenever possible. One day soon they will be riding beside us.

Learn more about our Lace Kidz