Leather & Lace MC Sisters Lost

Our Winged Sisters

Our fallen angels forever ride in the sky
no rhyme no reason
all we can do is wonder why
our sisters were taken away so soon.
If you keep them in your heart
you can see their spirit in the moon.
We take solace in the fact that they forever ride free
They have become our guardian angels.
For the wind at our backs comes from their wings
as they silently ride behind us, guiding and protecting.
So to them we say, “Ride strong, Ride forever”
know that you will always be our sisters, for in body you may be gone
but in our hearts your spirit will continue to live strong.

~~~~Your sister forever, Pup~~~

Our sister Phyllis will never be gone from our hearts. Phi was an amazing sister, her and Blue (her baby blue Panhead) were always up for a ride to nowhere. She had a strong love for her sisters and her family.

She left us two beautiful daughters that have their mother’s spirit and zest for life. They have both grown into the strong magnificent independent women.

Her daughters hold the memories of their moms wild life close. Phyllis was also a grandmother who loved her grandchildren more than she did Blue. How proud she must be knowing that they too are growing strong and free just as she would have wanted.

Our sister Mary was an amazing women. She had a gentle kind spirit. She always made the time for her sisters. Shortly after the doctors told her that her breast cancer was in remission she got on her bike and rode the 2,200 miles to Nationals to be with her sisters. The next year the cancer returned and it was just to much for her. Mary was truly incredible and we miss her deeply.

Raymond "Bear" Chaffin
Our Original Big Brother
Lace Big Brother 1983-1991

Bear was a great man. On many occasions he took the time to work on a Sister’s bike, offer a helping hand, or deliver words of advice. He cannot be replaced, and all who knew Bear deeply feel the loss of a true friend and brother.

Bear was a great husband, father and Big Brother. Without his support, Leather & Lace MC would not exist. But his memory will always live on in Jennifer, Angela, Windy, and all of the Lace Sisters who knew and loved him.

Wanda "Red" Zoellner

“Red” was an absolute joy to be with! She worked very hard putting together the 2012 Mid-Summers event that was held in Sturgis. Her beautiful smile was a welcoming beacon to everyone that came into her life. There isn’t a day that goes by that a Lace Sister does not think about Red and the impact she had on our lives.
“Red” loved her family and the Sisters in Leather & Lace MC. Her work on the Reservation was something very near and dear to her. The people she left behind know that her spirit is alive and very much a part of everyone’s current lives.
We love you, “Red,” and know that you’re with us, as a Lace Angel, whenever we call your name.

Aiyana Markling

Aiyana was a dear Sister to the Lace Nation. Many of the Sisters had the pleasure to have shared many hours of conversation on the phone with her and during Nationals. Her calm manner and insight was a gift that she provided to those of us who needed advice or needed a shoulder to cry on.
Most of the Lace Nation was graced to have been witness to Aiyana’s wedding during 2013 Nationals. We were able to help her fulfill her wishes of being married in the presence of her Lace Nation at the National Clubhouse. She moved to South Carolina from Canada so she could be nearer to her Sisters.
Aiyana is now a Lace Angel watching over her Sisters on a daily basis. We love and miss you, “Sistah!”