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Leather & Lace MC extended across the ocean from the USA in the late part of 2000 becoming a truly international club. We have endeavored to follow in our American sisters footsteps with an unwavering spirituality and purpose in life as well as sharing the wind and the road as much as humanly possible. We are daughters, mothers, grandmothers who have realized that there is more to life than sitting around waiting for the perfect time. We run at the front of our packs.
We are a family orientated group who likes to help others through personal help or through charities, especially children’s charities.
We ride our own motorcycles and make our own decisions concerning our lives. We are a non-political, non-territorial motorcycle club. We share a common bond with our sisters across the water and get together with them as often as we can both physically by visiting the states for nationals each year or spiritually as our patch depicts.
Here in the UK we feel there is a need for all female clubs. We as women are unique and all too often the forgotten few that tag along as either pillion or riding at the back of the pack.
No more!!
If you want to meet like minded women, be part of a large international family and make a difference then Leather & Lace MC could possibly be your answer. Contact us today!
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