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Lace Kidz

We are firm believers that all children are the future. What they learn and the values they follow today will make them strong, independent individuals tomorrow.
Lace Kidz are related to members of Leather & Lace MC. We have had this program for nearly 40 years. Its success is based on our being involved in the young lives of these children. This program is constantly evolving and growing, keeping on track with the lives of Today and the Future.
Our program encourages the Lace Kidz to get involved. We want our Kidz to learn how important it is to reach out to others, be dependable as well as empowering them to learn and to become healthy, confident, responsible, kind, and great leaders.
Here are a few of our successful programs that the Lace Kidz participate in throughout the year:
Random Acts of Kindness Program:
Pen Pal Program:
Spread the Cheer Card and Letter Program:
Angel Tree Christmas Program:
Patch Program:
Motorcycle Safety Awareness Program:
Cash for Good Grades:
Fire Prevention Program:
For more information, please email Theresa Emerson at:

Lace Kidz are divided into four groups

Future Lace

Future Lace are children between the ages of 6 to 12 can purchased a top rocker so they may start their own unique Lace vest.

Teen Lace

Our Teen Lace can earn a Teen Lace top rocker.

Little Brothers

All boys up to age 19.

Big Sister Mentor

Girls 16 through 19

What are they doing now?