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Never doubt that a small group of caring, dedicated women can change the world, for indeed they have!

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Midsummer Nationals

In September, we reconvene for our midsummer nationals. We take over a hotel in a city of our choosing and spend 3-5 days having fun together as a family. This event is different because our midsummer nationals includes the kids. Our sisters bring their children and grandchildren and the club creates a weekend of activities for the kids. Lace children grown up together, they care about each other, and they have friendships that cross miles. We believe if they play together today, tomorrow they’ll ride together.



Spirit Ride

No matter where a sister is on a given day, we are always together in spirit, and we celebrate this with our National Spirit Ride. On the third Sunday in September, no matter where we are, whether we are alone or riding as a group, all members start their engines at 10:00 am and go for a 100 mile ride.

As sisters across the U.S. and Canada twist their throttles, and their machines rumble to life, each one knows that all her sisters will be riding with her in spirit. It’s an incredible feeling of sisterhood that resides within Lace. This run is very special to us.



But these aren’t our only events throughout the year. Each year we rest up for about a week or two after Nationals, then we hit the road until the first snow. We ride miles and cross state lines (and national borders) to spend time together. Three Lace sisters in any one place at any time are the ingredients for an instant party. Lace sisters always seem to be hungry, so it’s not uncommon to meet a sister halfway for lunch, even when halfway is in another state. We’ve also been known to turn around an entire pack of bikes to go shopping or stop at a yard sale, so never leave home without your bungee cords. Some rides serve no other purpose than to just get together and laugh…as it should be.



Leather & Lace is a serious motorcycle club. Our foundation and strength as a women’s motorcycle club are not measured by our quantity of members or tangible objects, but by our common bonds, goals, strengths, and endeavors.

We are a club of dedicated, independent women who want to be a part of a strong, established sisterhood. If you are on this page because you think Leather & Lace might be the next right step in your life, plan on doing a lot of riding, a lot of work, and having a lot of fun.

If you think you want to share our goals, our work, and the good times we have, check out our types of membership page and our RC vs MC page, and then click HERE to contact us!