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Types of Membership in Leather & Lace MC

Full Member

You must be a cisgender woman 21 years or older

Own and operate a motorcycle of 1100 cc or greater

Full members are expected to attend events and participate in our sisterhood throughout the year

Other qualifications will apply on an individual basis

Full members have full privileges after they successfully complete the prospecting phase of membership. A prospect is a sister, but she is also learning along the way, and therefore doesn’t have full membership privileges. Prospecting is an individual journey of growth and isn’t designed to be a quick process. But to quote one sister, “prospecting for Lace made me a better woman, being a full patch keeps me that way.”

Some members run independently. They may be the only member in a given state or they may have schedules that do not permit them the time required to fulfill chapter or crew obligations and responsibilities. These independent members reside outside of an established chapter or crew jurisdiction, but they are still expected to fully engage in the benefits of our sisterhood.

Chapter Member

Most members are part of a crew or chapter. Throughout the year, crew and chapter members attend motorcycle events together, ride together, host their own events, and sometimes they even celebrate holidays together.

Lace Kidz

Our children are also very much a part of what we do, so we have included them in our membership rolls. The children who participate have their own director and newsletter. Because children grow and change, our Lace Kidz projects ebb and flow based on the amount of engagement and interest in a given age group. We listen to them and give them a forum to express themselves. One day they will be riding beside us.

Big Brothers

Big Brothers are the wonderful men in our lives that support and encourage us. Most of our Big Brothers are the husband or longtime boyfriend of a sister. Our Big Brothers attend events, play a support role to all our sisters, and in return, they get to have a lot of fun too. Being a Big Brother isn’t required, some husbands prefer to support their wife (and her sisters) from behind the scenes, and that’s ok too. But if your old man is grumpy, please leave him at home.